Have you experienced any traffic accidents?

Fall and spring semester are always the busiest time of school year.  Each semester brings new and more students.  This can cause a lot of traffic problem.  What I am wondering is if anyone has experienced an accident on campus or seen an accident.  What was done to help assist the drivers involved?  I also would like to know where you think the most traffic backup occurs?

Carpool Parking Passes-Are They Worth Getting?

Our school has come up with a new idea to help students save money.  They recently came out with a carpool parking pass.  This allows 2 or more students to travel to school and receive a parking pass at a lower price.   I really don’t think that these parking passes would work very well unless you and that friend have the exact schedule.  What I want to know is how many people have actually bought this type of parking pass.  Have they worked out for all parties involved?  If you haven’t bought one of these parking passes what are your opinions about it.

Should Parking Passes be Limited?

Here is a thought to ponder.  S.R.J.C. has major parking problems.  We have several different parking lots that have limited spaces for student parking.  What is your opinion about making a suggestion that they the school should only sell the number of parking passes to the number of parking spaces that it has.  I want to know your opinion about whether or not you feel this might be a good solution or if this would just cause more problems?  Do you feel that S.R.J.C. should build additional parking for students?

Who do you turn to when having paking issues

Today I received a phone at work.  It was from a  student was very rude and wanted to make a complaint about parking issues.  I referred this caller to the proper contacts.  At the end of the conversation the person told me that I was useless, useless, useless.  I hung up the phone and laughed and spoke to my phone” I’m sorry you are having a bad day.”    If you have parking complaints please call the District Police on SRJC campus (707) 527-1000  If you attend another campus be sure to find out who the proper department to complain to